Hand Held Corded Verses Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

As though by default, all manufacturers claim that their products are the best in the market. Flashy adverts will be displayed to the consumers enticing them to purchase specific brands from a certain company. With thousands of firms producing similar products and all claiming theirs is the best, most consumers tend to be lost in this battle and confusion and the result is either they make no purchase at all or they go for the cheapest. After all, the cheap and the expensive one are the best according to the billboards. Anyone with a sound understanding of any market knows this is not the case. On the contrary, price of a commodity, although at times goes with the quality of the product, does not necessarily mean the more expensive the better the product. This is the same with vacuum cleaners.

Getting into any vacuum cleaner dealer shop can leave you in a state of dilemma if you do not know what makes a great hand vacuum cleaner. To start with, there are two significant differences in the hand held vacuum cleaner which is the power sources. While one will be corded, the other type will not be but will be using a rechargeable battery to keep it running.

The corded by far is the best option available for you. This is due to the constant suction power you will get from it. For it to work, you will have to plug it into a power source. This is a disadvantage to purchasing the corded hand held vac. The proximity to power source means that the mobility of this vacuum cleaner is limited. However, it is guaranteed to work effectively due to constant power and you will not have to worry if the battery is charged or not.

The cordless hand held vacuum cleaner as stated earlier depends on its rechargeable battery for power. This allows for the use of the cleaner outdoors when roaming. A downside to this type of vacuum cleaners is that, once the power level din the battery lowers, the suction power two foes down and therefore the effectiveness significantly reduces.

Where effectiveness matters, the cordless may not be the best option to go with. However, you may choose to buy a certain type because it suits your lifestyle and budget. If you want a vacuum cleaner for indoor cleaning, then the corded is the best option that is guaranteed to give you optimal results.

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