Adult Acne Under The Microscope

Most people can make allowances for an adolescent who has problem skin. Acne is seen as a teenage problem, caused by the raging hormones of puberty. When you start to work and still have your “teenage” acne, people are less understanding.

Considering that scientists hardly understand what causes adolescent acne, adult acne is even more of a mystery. There is a widely accepted misconception out there that adult acne is due to you not practicing proper hygiene. Make no mistake about it, you are judged on the way you look. Just like obese people are thought to be lazy, acne sufferers are viewed as unclean.

In adults, hormones and hereditary are thought to be be the biggest causal factors. That means that if your mom or dad had acne all their lives, there is a good chance you will too. Luckily, hormone imbalances are easier to check for and easier to treat.

Oral contraceptives, for example, have proven to be a boon for some acne female acne sufferers – both adult and adolescent. It can prove to be the only medication you actually need. If this is how you plan to treat your acne though, you should consult your medical practitioner – oral contraception is not suitable for everyone.

You might also want to examine what medications – for acne or otherwise – you are already taking. Acne can be aggravated by a list of ingredients as long as your arm – too many to cover here so you should always read through the pamphlet to see if acne is a possible side effect of the medication. Alternatively speak to your pharmacist and, in need, ask your doctor for an alternate script. There are so many possible interactions that could make your skin worse that this is a viable line of inquiry.

Next is to check the products you are using. First off, how old are they? Did you know that bacteria can breed in makeup? Any makeup older than 6 months should be tossed out. Never share makeup with a friend and be careful to properly clean applicators and brushes. If you are worried about contaminating your makeup by sticking fingers into it, use a cotton bud to apply. Take time to visit to know how to cure adult acne.

If none of this is working, consider specialist help – not only can they advise on treatment options and possible causes but they can also advise on scar reduction.